What We Do

We bring together the best designers, technologists and multimedia producers of a generation from around the world and let them do what they do best: solve your problems.

Our clients are public servants, non-profits, and civically-minded corporations who are passionate about building media together with us that connects them with their customers, audiences, friends, and constituents through a genuine, commonly shared experience.

IB5k: Big Ideas Made Simple

In each market we enter, our 7 goals are civically-minded:

  1. Simplify wherever possible.
  2. Enlighten whatever is dark.
  3. Awaken the best creative minds in a generation, wherever they rest.
  4. Partner with good folks.
  5. Empower all who touch us to do more with less, using the benefit of the freshest, smartest technology.
  6. Build solutions that actually work to solve big problems.
  7. And, at the end of the day, we seek Truth in whatever form it comes, in every damn thing we do. Then we do it again tomorrow.

Networked Video Production

A curated global network of the best and most civically committed multimedia producers

  • IB5K
  • Short Form Doc
  • Animation
  • Branded/Original Content
  • Art
  • Case Studies

  • Pioneers of Online Video

    We’ve been working in online video since it was invented. No one has more experience in this unique space than we do.

    It all started with our network of creative people — the heart and soul of IB5k. Our core team began working together at Current TV, where we won the 2007 Emmy for “Best Interactive Television Service.” From there, we helped win Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Since then, we’ve taken what we learned and, in keeping with our civically-minded purpose, tasked ourselves with planting the seeds of good video across the internet.

    Combining local perspectives with the best creatives in a generation is not only cost-effective, it also produces what works on the internet — stories that are genuine and specific.


    IB5k’s aesthetic is simple, real, and high quality. Our work looks different because it’s authentic.


    We have creatives touching every state in the Union and 6 continents (sorry Antarctica).


    We aren’t just a production company; we’re a pillar in the artistic community.

    Fewer Layers

    Our clients get close access to the creative front lines.

    Talent on Demand

    We have never failed to provide a solution with 24-hours notice.

    Holistic Media Production

    We don’t just make a video and leave the rest of the problems for someone else; we consider your entire new media plan. It would be malpractice to do otherwise.


  • Ford
  • Alliance for Climate Protection
  • Bank of America
  • The Democratic Party
  • The Daily
  • Obama for America
  • Oxfam
  • SEIU
  • Democratic Governors Association
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Al Jazeera English
  • ABC News
  • The World Bank
  • Current TV
  • Harper Collins
  • Next Agenda
  • MasterCard Foundation
  • Best Buy
  • Kellogg Foundation
  • Sierra Club

New Media Solutions

Soup to nuts solutions in software consulting, infographics, and mobile & web development

Since the 2008 Obama campaign, we have consulted with the U.S. House of Representatives, major television networks, corporations, and startups to rethink their new media strategies and build long term, sustainable new media solutions which actually solve problems.

There’s an IB5k in our Team

For each project, we assemble a custom team out of our Brain Trusta diverse group of social and traditional media gurus, software developers, and deep design thinkers — all of whom know how to lead on their own and get projects done on time.

Everyone you deal with at IB5k is not only quite personable — we can all explain complex technology in ways everyone can understand or we wouldn’t be here.

At the end of the day, our method saves you money. While members of our trust have been responsible for everything from creating initiatives at Obama for America, building 21st century cable networks from scratch, successfully bridging the gap between television and online video audiences, to developing custom-built software for Congress and Fortune 500 companies — only the right ones, at the right amount, are assigned to your project. There’s no dead weight when you work on a project with IB5k.

Software Products

Ready-made solutions for 21st century communications challenges

Flagship Products

It’s exciting when a project becomes a product. Our flagship products — Correlate and Aware — came out of lengthy consulting projects with clients. And sometimes a solution to a problem is so useful or cool or novel that we have to share it with the world.

Correlate is a tool that lets you listen to direct online communication. What are your customers, audience, constituency saying to you? Where are they, who are they, what are they most interested in? Are they pleased, upset, nonplussed? Correlate is an analytics platform and sentiment analysis system for direct communication — suitable for any entity with a large email inbox or boxes. Correlate was created to address the constituent communications challenges of the U.S. House of Representatives. Read our case study or contact us to see Correlate in action.

Aware helps you understand the conversation around your company, brand and products. It monitors indirect communication, statuses, earned and owned media and influencers. It lets you create a dashboard that is a starting point for managing and engaging this never-ending conversation. Aware is more than a complete social media analytics package, it’s the starting point for an effective social media strategy.

Aware and Correlate together provide a complete digital communications analysis package. Contact us today to find out more.

Ad Network & Distribution

The Video Distributor and the Producer

IB5k Network curates a high volume transparent network of publishers with an engaged audience and offers advertisers unique content opportunities that will make an impression. We offer all industry standard Video ad delivery targeting and trafficking options, and all IAB ad formats. Our in-house ad server and trafficking software and aggressive use of leading edge open source solutions wherever possible allows us to provide extremely competitive pricing.

Rich Media Ad Infrastructure built from Scratch

Our proprietary adserver TADD leverages dynamic languages and no-sql key value stores to allow us to provide reliable ad delivery without costly overhead. Our simple, full featured trafficking system allows an agile trafficking and accounting staff to work to manage large campaigns efficiently. Our use of virtual infrastructure ensures we can scale up or down quickly along with demand.

IB5k’s proprietary video player and ad integration stack allows us to build custom ad integrations quickly and to specification. It also ensures that our player is optimized for ad delivery as opposed to many of the competing players on the market. We support VAST/VPAID 2.0 flash integrations and HTML5 for non flash devices.


Ad networks have been in the news recently and the news hasn’t been all good. Here’s the good news: IB5kNetwork is about transparency. Most networks put up a wall between the advertiser and publisher delivery data. We break down the wall.

We have proprietary tracking technology that proactively stops unauthorized ad delivery. We act aggressively to protect advertiser value and have a zero tolerance for publisher fraud. When you run a campaign with IB5kNetwork you get completely transparent realtime analytics.

You see what sites your campaign is running on and when it is running there. You get what you pay for. Always. Your ads run where you want them to run. Always.

Original Productions

At IB5k, we bring you original videos from the actual makers of that content. We devote resources towards the encouragement of creative producers to do what they do best: take chances, create, and feel free in doing so. Creative work and freedom with our art is what binds us.

Does the world need another network?

I can hear the yawns across the room…the truth is, that’s the wrong question to be asking. At IB5k we like to ask, “why do we need the established networks we have?”

IB5k is not like all your other social networks by design — we build things. In fact, “Together We Build Media.” We are a closed-community of the best creative producers who cooperatively seek the independence of freelance work, yet wish to collaborate on creative development and production. We seek full and flexible, on-demand employment for all producers wherever they find themselves plugged into our network.

We are the Studio

With the best creatives of a generation positioned throughout the United States and around the world who know every aspect of production, why do we need all the buildings, gate keepers, tastemakers, lunch takers, and money wasters?

Our creatives are always working on something. And when they work with IB5k, they’re able to turn their ideas into reality. We work to find grants whenever possible to encourage a creative environment beyond producing the daily work that may be our bread and butter, but is not the cream we all strive for in our creative lives.

Our Team

Everyone’s media needs these days are special or they’re not being well served.
At IB5k, we not only build your media from scratch, we also construct a team specifically for your project.

Meet our experienced team of media and technology professionals:


IB5k is seeking experienced individuals to join our team. We offer a competitive salary with benefits, and a flexible schedule. Check out our available positions:

Brain Trust

At IB5k while we always travel light we pack our suitcase with some of the heaviest minds in video, web development, programming, design and new media consultation.
View a sampling of who you will work with →

Worldwide Network

IB5k deploys a central team working with IB5k’s distributed network of producers, under client direction, in collaboration with client’s other media strategists/consultants.

Producers around the world

Over the past few years, IB5k’s curators have traveled the globe in search of not only the best multimedia producers of a generation, but also the most civically committed. We take social media in the media production sense to mean this is a team effort. Our network thrives on creative work and our process entails connecting the right mix of creative people together in order to build the right media for the job. That’s why we spend so much time connecting creative people in every state in the union and on almost every continent in the world. In this sense, we not only build social media, we are a living, breathing, social community.

Our productions are different than those of standard, day hire camera crews, because each of our locally-sourced producers are not only active on our in-house social network for creative types Schmooru.com, they are active in their communities. Schmooru.com is not linkedin for the creative class, nor is it Facebook for Filmakers — with us it’s more personal. We’ve all been through the battles of doing meaningful production together and know each other on a first-name basis and now we’re ready to do work to help your cause too.

In addition to our production hubs in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Chicago, our extended network consists of producers in markets touching all 50 states and in 15 countries around the world.

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Contact Us

IB5k was founded in Omaha, is based in San Francisco, and has key staff located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC.
We bring together the brightest creative minds around the world.

Call us at 415-480-IB5k (4255) or send us a message below.

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Our Team

Meet our experienced team of media and technology professionals.

Brain Trust

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